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Automatized vehicle @Toulouse from “PROMETHEUS to EasyMile”

vendredi 23 mars 2018 | 00h00

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Automatized vehicle @Toulouse from “PROMETHEUS to EasyMile”

par Jean-Luc Maté

Automotech Cluster
Strategy & International Development

Le 23 mars 2018 – 10h30 – Salle de Conférences du LAAS-CNRS

1987: Just two years after the creation by France and Germany of EUREKA, an innovation market-oriented R&D funding tool, the Automotive industry took the opportunity to launch the most important R&D project never done before in EUROPE on vehicle of the future: Prometheus. The outcome of Prometheus has been amazing as first autonomous cars where shown and demonstrated in live conditions between Germany and Paris.

In Toulouse LAAS and Siemens Automotive both engaged in this program took the opportunity to get closer and invent the first industry-research mixed laboratory in France: MIRGAS. This lab explored all automatics techniques applied to complex control domain in automobile. But this was 30 years ago!

The purpose of my talk is to explore the history of Automatized vehicles in the world and try to understand why Toulouse is today considered as one place to be for developing the autonomous transport of the future. Of course, we will have to share some secrets story from many local actors and from new comers like Easy Mile. But do not repeat this outside of LAAS partner network…

Jean-Luc MATE
Former VP Continental Engineering systems
Founder of Automotech Occitanie Automotive Cluster
Founder of EURIPIDES² Eureka smart electronic systems Cluster
Administrator of the Automotive Engineering Society
President of the prospective counsel of Toulouse Tech

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